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5 Famous Temples In Telangana 2021 | Images | Religious Places

Here is the list of 5 famous temples in Telangana which are popular
across south India

There are many famous temples in Telangana which  attract many pilgrims and devotees not only across Telangana but also from neighboring states
like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra and etc.

Yadagirugutta temple

Yadagirigutta is a temple town and therefore, there are lots of spiritual places tourist spots nearby. Apart from the'Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy' Temple, the'Pathagutta' Temple can be devoted to Lord Vishnu. The'Kaladhamam' is a beautiful Lord Hanuman temple that's located close by. An individual can also visit the Bhongir Fort, which was constructed from the 11th century.
Yadagiri Gutta Temple

Yadagirigutta Temple or'Sri Lakshminarasimha Swamy Temple' is a 300 foot-high temple situated atop a hill named Yadagiri Hill. In the entrance of the temple, an arch named'Vaikuntha Dwara' can be seen. The main deities of the Yadagiri Temple include the silver idol of 'Lakshmi Narasimha' and 'Aandaalamma'. Throughout the annual 'Brahmotsavam', the 'Divya Vimana Rathotsavam' and about the birthday of Lord Narasimha, several parties are held in this temple.

According to legend,'Yadava' the son of'Rishyasringa', meditated to please' Lord Vishnu' because he wished to see three different forms of 'Narasimha'. He had been granted his wish and Lord Vishnu appeared in five distinct forms 'Jwala', ''Yogananda', ''Lakshmi Narasimha','' Ugra' and'Gandabhrunda'. For this reason, the hill was named after Yadava. It's believed that the ones who worship the deities at this temple for 40 days will be cured of ailments.

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Chilkuri balaji temple

Hyderabad is not only renowned for its Biryani. The city also has a range of temples so heavenly and aesthetic that you would like to pack your luggage and go there straight away. Located at Chilkur (Hyderabad district) The Balaji Temple is one of the very influential temples on the market. The temple is famous for clearing the US and other western states' Visa and consequently, is also commonly called Visa Balaji Temple. Among the oldest forts in the area, it witnesses close to 100,000 devotees in a week. Pay a visit to the temple every time of the year in any day. Fridays and Saturdays are the most crowded days of this week, which means you'd want to avoid that.
Chilakuri Balaji Temple

 Ramappa temple - a UNESCO heritage tagged temple

The Ramappa Temple lies tucked into the gorgeous valley of Palampet village, approximately 157 km from Hyderabad. The temple is named after its founder (sculpture) rather than the deity, that is very uncommon in India. Lord Ramalingeswara, still another kind of Lord Shiva is worshipped here by tens of thousands of devotees who visit the temple each year. As a tourist, there is a lot to check at. The deity stands tall in a huge star-shaped platform, along with the columns of this temple also have amazing carvings.Ramappa Temple - India

Kondagattu anjaneya swamy temple
Kondagattu temple or Kondagattu Anjaneya Swamy Temple is dedicated to Lord Anjaneya Swamy. Located 35 km from Karimnagar, this temple is thought to be constructed by means of a cowherd from the 18th century. Apart from Lord Anjaneya Swamy, the temple also houses the sculptures of Lord Venkateswara and Goddess Lakshmi. The temple gained fame after devotees started thinking that people who have trouble bearing a child are blessed with one after 40 days of performing darshans in the temple
kondagattu anjaneya swamy temple

The temple provides a breathtaking view surrounded by plantations and Rayuni fort on its north. The caves and the fort also supply a nice holiday place. The narrative of the temple, according to sailors dates back to about 300 decades ago, as soon as a cowherd, Singam sanjeevudu after dropping a few of his buffalo, came to the scenic area while hunting for it. He fell into a deep sleep after a full search. It is thought that Lord Anjaneya Swamy looked in his dream and told him that the whereabouts of the lost buffalo, and if Sanjeeva woke up to start looking in the educated leadership, he found that an educational idol of Anjaneya Swamy. Then he built a small temple for Lord Anjaneya. There is a popular belief that people who don't have kids get blessed with one by providing 40-day prayers to Anjaneya Swamy here. The temple also houses 45 Dharmashalas to for amenities of devotees. The temple is roughly 115 km from Nizamabad and 160 km from Hyderabad.

Sri raja rajeshwara swamy temple

Sri Raja Rajeshwara temple, situated in the town of Vemulavada is yet another temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Although the temple is Hindu, inside the temple complex establishes a Dargah where devotees, irrespective of their religion offer prayers. The devotees are first supposed to have a bath in the holy waters called Dharma Gundam, as just after cleansing their body is able to go for darshans. The holy waters are thought to include medicinal properties having an ability to cure incurable diseases.S
According to Puranas, the Sun God recovered from disability by praying at the shrine here and so this shrine is termed Bhaskara Kshethram. Indra, the King of Gods by devoutly worshipping Lord Sri Raja Rajeshwara, purified himself from Brahmahatya Dosham. It was said that this temple was built by Raja Narendra, the grandson of Parikshit had a vision where Lord Shiva and Goddess Raja Rajehwari Devi appeared and directed him to build a temple and put in Siva Lingam which was laying in the bed of a Pushkarni.

Sri Raja Rajeswara Swamy Temple

Devotees carry out the exceptional ritual of Kode Mokku, the linking of the ox and taking around the temple. The natives believe that Lord Rajanna meets the fantasies of devotees when devotees take the ox around the temple. After taking the ox around the temple, devotees hands over the ox into the temple authorities. It's believed that major earnings of Vemulawada temple stem in Kode Mokku. It usually takes approximately 1 hour to complete darshan on regular days and it may go up to 2-3 hours on particular occasions.