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Heavenly Things To Shop In Hyderabad

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Hyderabad is the capital city of Telangana state. It welcomes everyone with a huge love and affection. Hyderabad is a popularly known place for shopping and food. Here we listed out some popular things in Hyderabad that everyone should try out.

Hyderabadi Pearls

You will Find pure Pearls collection in Hyderabad in all varieties like pachhi, Thewa designs, Polki, Meenakshi, etc. These all are original freshwater pearls with different shapes and its suits to every budget and occasion. Traditional jewelry will be done with white pearls mostly comparing to pink and black pearls which are expensive high-quality pearls

Hyderabadi Pearls

Lac Bangles
Wearing Bangles are the very traditional thing for Indian women and it is a beautiful accessory for girls it may be gold, silver, glass, diamond. Coming to lac bangles it has the look of richness and classy. Each and every design of bangle will definitely attract the heart of the customers. In Hyderabad, Chudibazar is the famous destination for bangles shopping and it welcomes with huge collection and number of varieties.
Lac Bangles

Bidri Work
Now, Bidri technically drops from the neighboring state of Karnataka. and physically it is close to Hyderabad. we can find a Bidri work workshop in Hyderabad near the Salarjung Museum. The works are of course available in most souvenir shops. It was an eye-opening encounter to see the artisans craft each slice Most tourists wind up buying it in country emporium'Lepakshi'. Where you can get them cheaper,
Most frequent things in Bidri work include little boxes and pen stands. The silver in addition to black metal appears elegant, powerful and delicate.
Bidri Work

Kalamkari: Art of hand printing the fabric using a pen belongs to Sri Kalahasti further south of Hyderabad. But, among the big cities, Hyderabad is the best place to pick up Kalamkari prints.

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