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7 Places to visit in warangal 2019

Pakhal Lake
Around 50 km away from Warangal town is the lovely Pakhal Lake that is spread over an area of 30 sq km. Amidst the lush green woods and hills, the human-made lake creates an extremely picturesque location. This spectacular place will certainly keep you stuck with its own side. The aura here generates a perfect paradise for couples that are delightful. The lake also has a wildlife refuge located in its shore. The chirping of birds mingled with rejuvenating breeze and tranquillity makes it a favorite spot for picnics and nature enthusiasts.
A man-made lake built during the Kakatiya Dynasty from the King Ganapati Deva in 1213 AD, it had been made to function as farmland activities. The creation of early times, even now, is seen performing its duty of providing water to irrigation. Roughly 3 Lakh acres of property is living over its own waters. Located next to the Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary, situated in the year 1952 by the manufacturers of this lake, the Pakhal Lake also supplies natural paradise to the wild creatures amongst the range of low hills and a plateau with safe ambience. This is why; one even spots a vast range of species of fauna and flora near the lake.

Things to do at Pakhal Lake

Nestled with natures love, the Pakhal Lake permits you to devote a wonderful moment. Here are a Couple of Things You Have to Do while visiting the Gorgeous escape - 1. Located directly alongside the lake is your Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary which spreads over a place of 839 This little plateau area grows more beguiling due to the mesmerizing low hills which surround it. The scenic splendour of this park is stunning. It frees its traffic to a different degree. Giving one of the most magnificent sights of wildlife, even the refuge becomes a crucial visit. 2. Picnic Being old college never gets older! Pack some yummy food, have a camera, then wear comfortable clothing, and head up to Pakhal Lake for spending time off from the hullabaloo of town. Taking a rest and spending some happy times with friends and family has turned into a necessity. Therefore, the next time you intend such getaways that you know where to go. Photography Get caught! The location comes with an astonishing beauty making it an ideal place to get clicked to get a few fresh Instagram and Snapchat stories. 4. Boating Even though you're at the middle of this lake, there's a possibility that you may place some crocodiles too.

Tips For Visiting Pakhal Lake

November to June is the ideal time to see Pakhal Lake.
2. There are no lodging facilities available in Pakhal Lake, and therefore, vacationers often remain in Warangal City.
3. There's a exceptional toddy (palm wine) available within this area.

Thousand Pillar Temple
The Thousand Pillar Temple is an ancient temple that's tucked away in a small town called Hanamakonda in the vibrant state of Telangana. As its name suggests the temple has over one thousand columns, some of which are part of an expansion of adjoining pillars! These columns are so closely knit, they almost form the walls of the temple. Constructed in a star-shaped architecture, the Thousand Pillars Temple is a popular pilgrimage centre which welcomes over 1000 devotees almost daily. The temple also contains a huge monolith Nandi, made up of black basalt stone. The three shrines located in the temple are together known as Trikootalayam.

The mighty temple is an actual specimen of Kakatiya architecture and Chalukyan architecture both, which does an excellent job of enhancing its already overwhelming beauty. According to the Hindu traditions, Lord Vishnu is the preserver of the world - the one who guarantees that components of energy are maintained to attack the balance, Lord Shiva is the destroyer of the universe- the one who destroys negative aspects of this world and give way to the arrival of a new start, and Lord Surya- the sun god, the person who sustains the entire universe by his warmth; without whom the entire universe would be just an enormous pit of darkness. And to think that this temple houses the shrines of the three mighty lords under a single roof, a compelling motive to witness the powerhouse of positive vibes and uplifting energy. The temple was constructed by Rudra Deva and consequently houses a deity in his title too.

Thousand Pillar Temple Timings and Entry Fees

The temple is open to its devotees from 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM, daily including weekends and public holidays.
The temple doesn't charge even one rupee to the devotees who would like to find the blessings of their lord.

How to Reach Thousand Pillar Temple

Located only 150 km from the hustling and bustling town of Hyderabad, this temple lies near the Hanamakonda-Telangana Highway, and its available location is a blessing to all the devotees that come here to pay homage to the deities and therefore are in search for a calm and peaceful experience. The Hanamakonda Bus Stop is just 1.5 km away from the temple and is a very convenient method to get there as buses ply to this bus stop from all around the city quite often. The closest railway station is Warangal Railway Station in a mere distance of 6 km. It's a fast and effortless option to hire a cab or automobile in the station, or any other place from town to the temple also.
Warangal Fort
A prominent landmark of the Telangana country and also an apt example of architectural excellence and historic wealth, the Warangal fort is situated in Warangal. The city is also referred to as OruKallu, 

meaning'a single stone'. Locals believe the city was constructed on a single stone in the medieval age. Each year thousands of enthusiastic tourists flock into witness the historical and architectural marvel of this region.

The major highlights of Warangal fort are the four ornamental gates, which are the official emblem of the Telangana state. The fort is in ruins today, still transmitting the historic grandeur and architectural preeminence of this Kakatiya Dynasty. The ruins hardly resemble any fort as the normal grand walls, cannons, the Darbaar Halls of those rulers are overlooking. But what you can witness is the remnants of one of the most invincible fortifications of the medieval age.
the ruins are able to foretell the power and grandeur of this 12th-century dynasty even today.
If you are planning a weekend getaway from Hyderabad and road trip is on your own wish list, then a visit to Warangal Fort are a splendid idea. Just 3-hour drive from Hyderabad, this powerful fort could be your ideal unplanned weekend getaway destination. The magnificent fort is symbolic of the historic opulence of the region under the reign of the Kakatiya Dynasty.
Bhadrakali Temple

Goddess Bhadrakali is one of the ten great indications of the Supreme Goddess of Hindu cosmic mythology and the Bhadrakali temple in Warangal is devoted to the god of anger and fury and protector of this goodness from the darkness. The temple is in a real sense an ancient one -- dating back to 625 AD to the era of the Chalukyan kings or so is depicted from the in-house inscriptions. Not only history and mysticism, the temple is a charm due to its scenic beauty of pure rock formation and the huge lake that creates an undeniable spiritual calmness about the area. Tourists can simply enjoy the soft breeze and enjoy the vast expanse of this, or choose to go boating too.

Tourists love to get a glimpse of the Bhadrakali temple mainly because unlike most of the temples of the Goddess and her many manifestations in South India, the deity of the temple does not have the calm and soothing ambience about it. The structure of this temple is in the amazing architectural design of Chalukyas. Using its roots too deep into Indian background as well mythology, the Bhadrakali temple attracts tens of thousands of devout visitors every year - those who would like to have darshan of their Shakti manifestation in addition to people who just want to research a great architecturally and historically significant website.
Kakatiya Rock Garden
This stone garden was constructed keeping in mind the comfort of these locals. It's a gorgeous garden which is located close to the fort temple. This backyard encloses many marvelous constructions in stones which are lively, like the statues of deer, lion, giraffe, sambar, antelopes etc..

This is a garden in which stones are arranged and flowered plants are grown in a carefully constructed and ornamental lawn. For children, a playing ground has been constructed.

LaknavaramCheruvu or Laknavaram Lake is a manmade miracle tucked off from civilisation from the Govindaraopet only 80 kilometres from Warangal, cradled by lush green compact forest cover and magnificent hills. Laknavaramlake at the Bhupalpally district at the country of Telangana is famous by the title of LaknavaramCheruvu. The lake amasses a region of over a 10,000 acres. And was assembled from the Kakatiya clan when Warangal functioned as their funding.

What's seemingly unique about Laknavaram is the fact that it's 13 small islands spread around it over the lake along with 160-meter-long three separate suspension bridges which join 3 islands with one another and the main coast. The lake also includes a medley actions for you to pick from for individuals of all walks of life and age classes and you might spend your day amidst gusts of breeze and revelling in the fabulous views of the hills and a sea of green too far your eyes could see.
Best Time To Visit Laknavaram Cheruvu 
The ideal time to go to the lake is during the monsoon and winter as Laknavaram is a mostly rain fed lake with rain water being its sole source of water, the lake is filled to the brim along with the neighboring hills and terrains will also be covered by a sea of green and seem glorious.
Tips For Visiting Laknavaram Cheruvu
1. Visit ancient mornings or even on weekdays to avoid crowds and revel in the lake in your own leisurely pace.
2. If you intend on staying in the cottages on site, secure your accommodation well in advance since there are just 4 cottages as well as the hotel frequently runs on a complete occupancy.
3. Avoid visiting summers, the lake will dry the weather isn't really agreeable and too dull.

Rayaparthy Shiva Temple

Rayaparthy Shiva Temple is a 18th-century temple devoted to Lord Shiva. The temple is an architectural treat using inscriptions and gorgeous carvings beneath the scenic attractiveness of the place.